AsiaBarometer: Profile

What is the AsiaBarometer?

  • Represents the largest ever, comparative survey in Asia, covering East, Southeast, South and Central Asia
  • Focuses on daily lives of ordinary people (bumi putra) and their relationships to family, neighborhood, workplace, social and political institutions and market place
  • Conducts country-wide face-to-face surveys using standardized instruments designed around a common research framework

How is the AsiaBarometer organized?

  • Headquartered at Tokyo Satellite Office, University of Niigata Prefecture
  • Jointly researched at Research and Information Center for Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo.

How does the AsiaBarometer carry out the survey?

  • Minimizes the obtrusiveness of survey instruments
  • Heightens the sensitivity to cultures
  • Highlights regional (i.e. Asia-wide) analysis in addition to cross-national analysis

What does the AsiaBarometer aim at achieving?

  • Portrays daily lives of ordinary people on physical, psychological, and sociological dimensions
  • Assesses the extent to which they experience the affective and cognitive qualities of life
  • Assesses the types of goods and services they value in order to improve the quality of their own lives and their country's
  • Assesses the developmental, democratic and regionalizing potentials

What does the AsiaBarometer carry out other than academic work?

Capacity Building
Builds up the East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Central Asian infrastructure for comparative survey research
Builds up an Invisible College of Scholars throughout Asia on the basis of the AsiaBarometer
Consolidates, and Accumulates Survey Data on Daily Lives of Ordinary People, and Prepares for the Great Market Potentials